Windsor Great Park Vineyard

“English bubbly reaches a new peak of excitement with ... Windsor Great Park Vineyard” - Hugh Johnson


Vineyards were first planted in Windsor during the time of Henry II. Fast forward to the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and there is a new three hectare vineyard in Windsor Great Park which revives an ancient tradition.


In 2010, Tony Laithwaite (CBE) was presented with the opportunity to plant a vineyard in Windsor Great Park. Tony grew up and went to school in the area then started Bordeaux Direct (that became Laithwaite's Wine) under the railway arches that looked up at Windsor Castle. With this connection, he simply could not refuse the chance!


The plot is in Windsor Great Park which slopes down to the adjacent lake. It’s an ideal location with gentle breezes, a moderate climate and well-drained soils – all the attributes for a top-class vineyard.

The classic Champagne varieties of Chardonnay (55%), Pinot Noir (35%) and Pinot Meunier (10%) were planted in May 2011 on a gentle south facing slope that overlooks a small lake and has ancient oak trees providing a natural windbreak.


“English bubbly reaches a new peak of excitement with... Windsor Great Park”

- Hugh Johnson (UK)

CBS This Morning (USA) paid us a visit where they filmed an interview with Tony Laithwaite. You can view the video here.

GOLD: Sunday Times Vintage Festival

WINE OF THE SHOW: Sunday Times Vintage Festival

Served at Buckingham Palace for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting - April 2018 

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